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Nordic Expand helps your webshop to launch and grow in scandinavian countries. We provide a service that makes expanding in Nordic countries both easy, economical and extremely beneficial for your company.


We deliver all the services your webshop needs to expand

Customer Service

Customer Service is handled by a profesional customer service team of native representatives.

Translation Service

We deliver full translation, and translate new requirements for all purposes within one day

Local taxation

Get free guidance to manage tax registrations and other federal necessarities as a foreign webshop.

Marketing Strategy

We are free to assist in fulfilling your company's marketing strategy, or help you create one from scratch.

Technical assistance

Experienced programmers will help you get your webshop ready to start handling sales in scandinavian countries

Returning items

Returned items will be sent to an office in the represented country. They will be inspected, and sent back to your local warehouse.


We deliver professional and indvidual integration of your webshop in new countries

Nordic Expand handles everything you and your company will need to expand your webshop in one or more scandinavian countries. The partnership is based on dropshipping. This means you will still be handling sales as well as shipping out all products from your current location, but we will acquire the customers for you.

There are no signup- nor any hidden fees at Nordic Expand. We will translate your website for free, so only when you start making sales, you will have to pay us. For all our services we take an agreed commission of each sale made in the new country.

Making a contract deal with Nordic Expand is a commitment to an ongoing partnership created to benefit both parties. We deliver a very efficient communication to our partners, and we are always within reach, using your favorite Instant-Message program or/and phone/email.

As a partner of Nordic Expand you can freely choose to use any or all of our services. The services we are providing for you, is all paid off through the agreed upon commission. Together we will create an individual adapted solution that suits your webshop and needs.



Tordenskjoldsgade 31
8200, Aarhus N


Drottninggatan 5A
632 20, Eskilstuna


Vekslervejen 7
0580, Oslo


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Customer Service


    Nordic Expand is able to provide phone service from 7-22 every day. We always keep our response time down to a minimum, so your customers won’t have to wait. We will prepare a unique dial number for your webshop, and make sure a native speaking employee is representing your brand, when the phone is picked up.


We have a very fast response time on e-mail inquiries, compared to most webshops. We commonly answer emails within a day, and initiate solutions to inquiries as soon as problems are discovered. The emails will be answered from a mail client of your desire, which will be made accessible for our customer service employees. The e-mails will only be answered by employees with great writing abilities, in both native language and English.
Not yet a partner?
  • Call us today for an uncommitting conversation, where we talk about your business oportunities
  • Phone: +45 28150153
  • Email:

Fill out the contact form, and you will hear from us within one business day

Translation of website

A great part of expanding, is to get access to local writers. Nordic Expand uses their own professional staff, with local writers in each represented country. Our writers translate website content, product descriptions, blog posts and other requirements.

In the beginning of our partnership, we will have writers translate the website as fast as possible. Depending on the amount of content to be translated, this can take between three and eight weeks. In the future we will be in charge of translating blog posts, advertising campaigns, new products etc. We are easy to get in touch with, both on email, phone, skype or any other instant-message device. As a part of the translation service, we can also take care of the social media marketing, where you either send us a text to translate, or we make up our own updates.

Our employees are familiar, and educated within creating online content. Through text optimization we will kickstart your rankings within the search engines. With different tools we will locate your most valuable keywords. We are well aware about key parameters in descriptions; as number of keywords, length etc. and always on top of the newest best-practice SEO.


Nordic Expand helps you to launch in the first new country within weeks


Create a strong and committing partnership by contacting us today!

International taxation

Nordic Expand provides all the necesarry information on tax laws you need as a foreign webshop.

Returning items

Nordic Expand offers to handle all return items in the represented countries.

Local Legislation

We provide all the necesarry information you need to lawfully launch your business

Technical Assistance on all platforms

    In a future partnership with Nordic Expand, you can freely use the expertise of our programmers to assist with any technical difficulties you might face. Among our skill-set you'll find:
  • Adding language selection to webshop
  • Setting up a new test-environment
  • Transfer/Redirect Domains
  • Local payment solutions
  • Preparing webshop for local currencies
  • Integration of data export/import


We strive to be the leading solution, when it comes to expanding your webshop business. Through our integrity, creativity and professionalism, we aim to make expanding easy, economical and efficient. With a young and dynamic management, we are enterprising and determined to pursue the goals of our partners.


We have a great capability within the marketing area. We can offer you to take care of any advertising in the expanded country, negotiate a marketing strategy with you, or simply just follow your marketing orders. We have experience within online reputation management, as well as promoting webshops online. We can take care of your AdWords on a daily basis, and give follow-up reports on done campaigns. You can choose to either have us manage your social media accounts, or you can do it yourself.


Below you find our strongest provided tools when it comes to marketing. We use our own native-language marketing managers, to make sure your new webshop will start generating sales!

  • Google Ads / Bing adwords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Text editors (Public Relations)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Feel free to contact us within office hours. We always have english speaking employees ready to answer your questions
  • Timezone: GMT(+1)
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Head Office
  • Company: BKA Group IVS
    Tordenskjoldsgade 31
    Aarhus 8200
  • Phone: +45 28150153
  • Email:

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